Last week the Royal Bank stated openly that they expect mortgage rates to rise inthe fall of this year ? % by year?s end. All should agree we are at the bottom rightnow. If you or a friend are considering 1)? REFINANCING YOUR HOME 2)? BUYING UP TO A LARGER HOME OR NEW LOCATION 3)? […]

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Dont Play The Schizood Game

We live in a world of schizophrenic economy/financial trauma in a minute to minute existence. Oil prices, gas prices at the pump, gold prices, stock market ?connections??! Good grief where lies stability?? That is a rhetorical question of course. Stability lies in a simple real estate plan.It is always a great time to buy or […]

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Has anyone noticed the sudden abundance of media coverage of the real estate market? It’s like 0-60 in 4 seconds!! It is critical to remember several things when you hear or read Realty “Propaganda’! This happens every year as things are just getting rolling. YOU MUST KNOW 1-Comments are always Extreme otherwise who is going […]

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? Due to Factors such as the European Debt Crisis, Slowing manufacturing sector in China & continuing struggles in the U.S. our INTEREST RATES WILL REMAIN LOW TIL LATE 2012?.But they can?t stay low forever! ? BUYERS WILL BE PLENTIFUL as a result of the perceived NEED TO BUY before rates begin to climb back […]

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….the Real Estate Market with the stock market. The media daily assaults our sences with paniced, neurotic reports on a schizoid stock market that’s either on fire or on the range of collapse. It seems to vary dialy just as the weather with equal lack of real predictability. Our Real Estate Market has grown quite […]

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Spring has Sprung !

If April showers bring May flowers, What do May showers bring? A Dilemma. Did you know?? A mortgage of $400,000.00 @ 3.5% costs $1996.00/month @ 4.5% costs $2212.00/month @ 5.5% costs $2440.00/month …and this is largely what is fuelling our real estate market at present. Take advantage of cheaper money. It will not stay with […]

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Real Estate made easy = But NOT for Dummies!

You know the market is ?happening? when . . . 1) Those FOR SALE signs all seem to say SOLD 2) Street corners are littered with OPEN HOUSE signs . . . lots of Realtors are in town & working 3) Newspapers are bombarded with stats and after misguided predictions 4) They do this on […]

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Average Selling Price Up in February $454,423

Greater Toronto Realtors reported 6,266 transactions through the Toronto MLS? system in February 2011. This result was 14 per cent lower than the record sales reported in February 2010. But the average selling price was up and February 2011 sales were 50% higher than the number reported in February 2009 during the recession and slightly […]

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